Software Versions

No Chance

According to No Chance configuration, the element of chance has been removed from the game with pre-reveal option. The outcome of every single game is previously seen by user. So, you know beforehand, if you entitled to win a prize or not.

View Prizes option is displayed by default. While on the game screen, Next Prize and Next Reels are seen in the corner. In case to change a game or Play Level, actual results will be displayed at the same time.

When prizes a already seen, decision to abandon the game costs no money, and user can simply log out and redeem the full balance without risk.

Class II Bingo

Class II games are not always looking like regular Bingo games, but they always have a Bingo based math. In such games wins depend on numbers on a Bingo card, which is displayed in the screen corner and can be changed each time.

Class II games can use the artwork similar to "regular Las Vegas style" games for a better entertaining. And Class II games have gotten much more sophisticated nowadays, so they go far beyond regular Bingo for a better experience. It turn out that Class II games practically have no visible difference with Vegas-type games, but they do follow Bingo’s rules and stay legal in certain jurisdictions.

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