Promotions Bonus Module

Do you like when your customers come again? Give them personal bonuses to increase loyalty!

Separate module inside Point-of-Sale which gives store owner power to create tailored promotions for players based on amount of purchase and play frequency. Business owners are able to built their own promotion templates from simple $5 for $20 to complex schemes.

Configure bounceback bonuses from RiverSweeps your way while being in main administrative panel and just save results. With the next login in POS it will be possible to include common bonuses to any bill.

Matchup Bonuses

Exactly for newbies! Credit your new customers a few bonus dollars to take a good look at your entertainment services.

Daily Wheel

Are you an active user and play your favourite promo games as well? Than get three days of fun for each purchase made! Login in the app after getting a code, press Daily Wheel button, spin the wheel and get up to $50 on your balance. Repeat this action the next day and day after it.


If there are no entries left on your balance, it doesn’t means that the game is over! Just go to the main menu while being in the app and spin the other one wheel of fortune! Get 5%-25% refund and give yourself a second chance to win, maybe?

Community board

Community board is a progressive mystery prize system within one establishment. Players decide for themselves whether they want to participate. If so, function can be activated in the game. Bet level is then increased by ¢5. This funding forms the prizes of the Board.

There are 4 prizes with different value on the board - Red, Silver, Gold and Diamond. 2 lower prizes are available for all participators, and 2 higher ones - for participators with bet level $0.5 and more.

Community board is displayed in the top title of all games, as well as in clients menu. It can be also displayed additionally with themed approach on the big screen in the establishment.

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