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  • sweepstakes River Sweepstakes System

    Get ready-to-run Sweepstakes system with all the effective management tools to enhance your (small) retail business.

    • Cloud based platform
    • 70+ top quality promotional games with free updates
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Management & Marketing tools
    • Low business entry threshold
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    play-at-home River Play-at-Home

    Use a mobile device to PLAY promotional games at HOME with a single player`s account for all devices.

    Your customers play at home = your store earns extra money.

    • iOS / Android compatibility
    • Provided for Windows PC as well
    • Enhance customers daily engagement
    • Easy & Free to set up
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    tv River TV Center

    Transform your store into an attractive entertainment lounge!

    Connect River Android Stick with your WiFi, install application and use TV as a promotional gaming terminal.

    • $267 per one gaming place arrangement
    • No tech support for installation
    • Free access to 100+ Full HD promotional games
    • Mobile Point of Sale
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  • River Standup River Standup

    Get regular gaming Standup system connected to the Cloud Server and managed via Mobile Point-of-Sale.

    • Cash flow and players activity control
    • Bill acceptor and ticket printer connection
    • Local community board
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    River Sweepstakes Gaming Tablet River Sweepstakes Gaming Tablet

    Turn regular tablets into low-cost and easy to setup Sweepstakes terminals.

    • 50+ Full HD enjoyable games
    • The simplest cost-effective equipment
    • For space-limited businesses
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  • River Kiosks River Redemption Kiosk

    Get more passive income by installation self-service kiosks and letting players to buy promo games points and redeem winnings by their own.

    • Easy to install & use
    • Full-fledged self-service terminal
    • Automatic updates without extra costs
    • Essential labor-input reduction
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    play at home icon River Play-at-Home

    Player account is single for all devices. So, your customers can also run the same games via app on their smartphones, being out of your establishment, but still generating profit for you.

    • Supports all iOS and Android devices
    • Provided for Windows PC as well
    • Absolutely free implementation
    • Fortifies relationship with customers
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  • River Mobile icon River Mobile

    Organize a prepaid WiFi Hotspot and propose your visitors to participate in River sweepstakes games in our app just via their fingerprints!

    • Full pack of management tools
    • Free training
    • Setup takes about 20 minutes
    • Plug & Play - no extra user setup
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  • River long distance telephone time River Long Distance telephone time

    Promote Sweepstakes within the law of your location with River Redemption Kiosk simply by providing customers purchase Telephone Time vouchers at the kiosk and get their free game entries.

    • Easy to install and support a self-service kiosk
    • Allow to remain to your local legislation range
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    River Music downloads / No Chance

    Run a sweepstakes promotion with a No Chance configuration by purchasing Music downloads and receiving free promo entries in return.

    • Adopted to sell via River Redemption Kiosk
    • Easy to install with no extra equipment
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Software Versions

You can choose from three different configurations for regulated markets to customise the system according to your local jurisdiction.

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Our promotion materials are featured with various bonuses and a community prize board to keep your customers entertaining.

Single player account for all devices

Single player account for all devices

Anyone who has Internet access can play.

Promotions Bonus Module

Promotions Bonus Module

Use a separate module inside Point-of-Sale to create personal bonuses for customers at your own discretion.

Matchup Bonuses

Matchup Bonuses

Fast start for your new customers! Credit them few bonus dollars to try.

Daily Wheel

Daily Wheel

Another promo tool to keep your customers returning to your location each 24 hours.



Spin a wheel of fortune to get 5-25% refund if the luck is not on your side today.

Community board

Community board

Increase your bet level by ¢5 to win 1 of 4 progressive mystery prizes.


Our Games

We have a library of 70+ HD free promo games. Discover the latest right now!

  • River game Fortune Cash

    Fortune Cash

  • River game Rich Life

    Rich Life

  • River game Hook a Duck nudge

    Hook a Duck nudge

  • River game Wolf Reels

    Wolf Reels

  • River game White Buffalo

    White Buffalo

  • River game Lobster Party

    Lobster Party

  • River game Diamond Shot

    Diamond Shot

  • River game Sticky Bugs

    Sticky Bugs

  • River game African King

    African King

  • River game Magic Tree

    Magic Tree

  • River game Thunder Strike

    Thunder Strike

  • River game Dragon Sevens

    Dragon Sevens

  • River game Jungle 2

    Jungle 2

  • River game Red Hot Chili 7’s

    Red Hot Chili 7’s

  • River game Mr CoinFall

    Mr CoinFall

  • River game Temple Riches

    Temple Riches

  • River game Space Rocks

    Space Rocks

  • River game Wacky Billy

    Wacky Billy

  • River game Reel Rider

    Reel Rider

  • River game Cleo's Heart

    Cleo's Heart


Take ten minutes of your time to see how it works.

River Sweepstakes software
River Redemption Kiosk for business
River Play-at-Home

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any questions you have that are not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much does it cost to get started?

This depends on quite a number of factors. How many terminals would you like to have in your store? Where is the location, and how much is the rent/lease? What about utility costs, and an internet connection? Does the interior of the storefront require any work to get it ready for your business? We have software packages that run on decade-old PC's as well as packages which leverage the latest in 3D gaming technology. Additionally, we offer both server-based and cloud-based data collection points. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would be happy to assess your needs and help you estimate your total startup costs.

How do I choose the right games?

You will want to choose games that will appeal to your typical customer base. We will work with you to make sure that your game library will keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. We currently have approximately 50 games, including a wide variety of gameplay styles and themes, that will suit any type of player... and our catalog is always growing!

How do I install your software?

Our software is all Internet based. This provides you with the quickest setup possible. The setup is almost as simple as setting the home page in the Internet Browser on each computer.

How much do I pay for use of your software?

Our software is FREE. We only charge you for the credits that you need to use in our system. Please call or contact us for rates. There are volume discounts that we can discuss once you get started. No up front costs or ongoing maintenance costs. You only pay us as you use the software and when you succeed. We think that’s the way it should be.

Do you offer any type of Customer/Tech Support?

We pride ourselves on our Customer/Tech Support Team. They have all been working in this industry for many years and have the expertise to troubleshoot any issue. They have successfully dealt with, and solved, every conceivable problem that could arise. We will keep you up and running at all times.

Is Internet better than an in-house server? Why?

All our games are web-based, which means you don’t have to house and maintain a server on premises. Our servers are located in the world’s best data centers with some of the best technology behind them keeping your business online and working all the time. Does your local IT guy take calls to fix things at 3pm on a Saturday? Ours does. If you go with a local server based system and that server goes down, then you are out of business until your IT guy can get out to your store and fix whatever is wrong. And what if that server dies and you need a replacement? With us, we worry about keeping your games running and you worry about running your business.

How do I succeed in this business?

The single most important factor for success is creating an environment in which your customers are having a good time, and to where they want to return.


River Sweepstakes Software

When you choose River Sweepstakes Software, you choose:

  1. First-class range of free promotional games at your fingertips.

    Riverslot advanced entertainment environment with a large number of high quality entries developed by a team of knowledgeable professionals.

  2. 24/7 quality support.

    Responsive customer support service ready to address any issue you face as quickly as possible – you can contact us at any time.

  3. No-fee system.

    Here at Riverslot we don’t charge you for the software – no monthly fees, support or setup costs. You only pay for the points that are used in our system, at a negotiable pay rate.

  4. Flexible software.

    River Sweepstakes Software is all web-based meaning you won’t need to house a server or pay extra to maintain it – behind our technology is an opportunity to keep your business working round the clock.

  5. Various solutions offered all at once.

    Some form of promotional RiverSweeps software can be used for business of any kind, ranging from a cigarettes store and ending with a whole Sweepstakes cafe.

  6. Professional approach to every detail.

    River Sweepstakes Software covers each aspect of your future business, from security and multicurrency to high-end bonus systems to draw heaps of customers.

Who We Are

Riverslot specializes in digital entertainment tools specifically aimed at sweepstakes free promo games solutions. With years of experience and dozens of successful projects launched throughout these years, we can truly claim that our online systems are among world’s best sweepstakes software, and unlike the competition we are always keeping on improving the technology. The scope speaks for itself: River Slots Sweepstakes are utilized by multiple business owners across the US and Europe. Thanks to a dedicated team of individuals and innovative vision, our company focuses on the latest technology, effective software with distinctive features and unique ways to cater to customers.

Sweepstakes Cafés – Promising Evolution Of Internet Cafés

How It All Began

Surprisingly, the phenomenon of online cafés where people could get full access to the Net firstly emerged in 1988 in South Korea, a few years ahead of the US. Back then cafés relied on telephone lines which were connected to service networks – if you imagine an authentic room full of 16-bit computers with tons of phone cords running through the floor, that would be quite the aesthetics of those times. And only few could actually afford to enjoy that concept of ‘cutting-edge’ coffeehouses. Nowadays, when technology finally leaped out of its dark times and ran toward universally accessible networks, online cafés have turned into a profitable cyber-business model attracting millions of people worldwide as shared-access is convenient and doesn’t cost a penny anymore. Besides, growing popularity of interactive entertainment has greatly contributed to the development of the concept so that Internet cafés evolved into an entirely new form – sweepstakes cafés.

What Are Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes cafés are no different to regular coffee shops, yet with an obvious difference – while normal cafés offer drinks and chill, sweepstakes narrow the list of services down to entertainment activities, mainly virtual free promotional games. Café customers can get special pre-paid ‘cards’ giving access time for their purchases.

Legal Aspects

This industry has faced lots of legality challenges due to its unusual entertainment concept, and currently in least three US states sweepstakes parlors are banned. However, there are multitudinous places where the business model is 100% acceptable and meets all requirements. You just need to do a little research on your area before launching a business there.

Set Up Your Sweepstakes Business

Since sweepstakes cafés are quite popular with different categories of enthusiastic people, you can easily build a business that will draw a large audience of potential customers right from the start. And there’s good news for you: your business needs just all the right place and all the right software to go.


Depending on your setup budget, you could choose from these two profitable options:

  • Land-based café. For as little as $2000 you can build up the business that will take off really soon. This money is going to come back to you in no time if you provide your customers with entertaining software and comfortable conditions.
  • Play-at-home model. Another way out if you don't have an appropriate location and want to chop down on your spending is to put sweepstakes games at your customers fingerprints – then the whole process becomes as easy as pie. Customers purchase access passes via mobile point of sale in your location and play at home, through their computers, tablets, laptops or smartphones.


Your final step on the way to building a profitable sweepstakes café is to find safe and reliable software to ensure your business operates efficiently. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place to find one – River Sweeps Software is ready to rock your future café, and it has everything you may need. We have developed a system containing all the technical features your business seeks. Use our elaborate admin panel to keep tabs on numbers, statistics and players. Unleash the full potential of your business with our highly optimized bonus systems. Make your café stand out of competition.