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River Redemption Kiosk allows users a self-serve venue to create an account, make purchases and redeems, download the free game promotion app on personal mobile phones and get access to 100+ game promotion library in a minute. River Redemption Kiosk delivers virtually 24/7 access, totally eliminating human factor, enabling operators to increase revenues while keeping labor costs optimized.

River Redemption Kiosk is a cloud based closed loop system similar to vending machines with all purchases and redeems made on a single spot. The cloud based approach turns customers mobile phones into a free game promotion stations and allows customers to participate anytime and anywhere and redeem prizes at the same spot where purchases were made.

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Key features

icon money

Absolutely NO investment required

icon 24 hours

Go live time 24 hours

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No tech support - no Windows support, no system crashes, no players browsing on the internet, no hardware replacements

icon Mobile Point-of-Sale<

Mobile Point-of-Sale

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Full remote access to the games and player data

icon Free marketing tools

Free marketing tools - send promotional text messages from the POS!

icon Free marketing tools

Instant purchases and redeems

icon Free marketing tools

100+ FullHD free games promotion library

icon Free marketing tools

Participate at your convenience

icon Free marketing tools

4 simple steps to get started

How it Works?

Player account is a unique 12-digit number which hold information about player and cash balance. Once it is created inside a physical store and loaded with money, your players are able to play from any device connected to the internet, but make purchase and redeems only at a physical store where account was created.

How to start

  1. Contact River representative and set up a business account
  2. Schedule free training session(takes around 1 hour) with your store staff and store manager.
  3. Place advertising screen and posters inside the location.
  4. Go LIVE!

Collect winnings:

  1. Sign in to your account from a River Redemption Kiosk
  2. Choose how many prize credits you want to redeem
  3. Get Prizes!

Player management system

River Redemption Kiosk provides operators the opportunity to extend points of sale to 24/7 at no cost in existing locations and introduce the product into thousands of new, non-traditional retail locations seamlessly turning them into profitable venues without any capital investment.

River app
River mobile POS

Mobile POS

Web based River Point-of-Sale collects contact information enabling operators to create tailored SMS/Email campaigns and manage customers even being physically thousands miles away from the River Redemption Kiosk.

Real time access to purchase/ prize transactions

Bonuses management

Jackpot management

Sales management

Real time reports and history and many more!

River Point-of-Sale - your complete financial portal result on your fingertips!

River Jackpot

River Jackpot system is an ingame promotional tool where all participating customers are collected to a wide area progressive jackpot linked to a one or multiple River Redemption Kiosks.

River Jackpot
River Games Library

Games Library

Our free promotional games are engineered for optimal performance across all mobile devices delivering more than 100 unique themes in HD graphics.

Each River Redemption Kiosk is linked to the River Point-of-Sale System and managed by the operator.

River Redemption Kiosk and the HTML5 app may be custom branded and provide opportunity for:

  1. Sign in to your account from a River Redemption Kiosk
  2. Choose how many prize credits you want to redeem
  3. Get Prizes!

Now available with Music Downloads and Long Distance Telephone Time!

Integrated with Music Downloads and Long Distance Telephone Time vouchers River Redemption Kiosk is an E-commerce spot that sells a broad array of products and services.

Customers buy Music and Telephone Time vouchers at the kiosk and and get FREE entries into our promotional games getting a chance to win cash prizes at the same time.

River Redemption Kiosk can be placed in satellite locations, surrounding the retail storefront - bars, restaurants, truck stops and etc.

The exciting Sweepstakes Promotion has been a key to the success of the product sales, through creating a fun and entertaining game display for the customer to reveal their sweepstakes Entries.

Five reasons to start Business with River Redemption Kiosk

Five reasons to start Business with River Redemption Kiosk

Easy Installation

To install the River Redemption Kiosk, simply move it to your location, access high speed internet, and turn it on. That’s all it takes. No technicians required. No installation costs.

Stress-Free Payment Collection

Kiosk distributors need no longer chase customers (in this case, business owners) for payments. The kiosk can be disabled at anytime if the simple payment is not made on the first of each month. Services resume only after the customer makes payment current.

Automatic Upgrades

River regularly releases upgrades and new games. These are automatically updated to your kiosk unit at NO EXTRA COST. There is no need for a visit from the technician or a manual upgrade from your software provider.

Regular Reports

River Point-of-Sale features several web-based reporting tools. Owners can supervise kiosk performances at any time through a PC or SmartPhone with internet access.


If people question the legality of your business or your current location is unprofitable, you can always move the kiosks elsewhere. It will not affect your existing business at all.


Ideal For

Smoke Store

Smoke Store

Gas Station

Gas Station

Liquor Store

Liquor Store