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Player management system
River Redemption Kiosk from RiverSweeps provides operators the opportunity to extend points of sale to 24/7 at no cost in existing locations and introduce the product into thousands of new, non-traditional retail locations seamlessly turning them into profitable venues without any capital investment.
Mobile POS
Web based River Point-of-Sale collects contact information enabling operators to create tailored SMS/Email campaigns and manage customers even being physically thousands miles away from the River Redemption Kiosk. Real time access to purchase/ prize transactions Bonuses management Jackpot management Sales management Real time reports and history and many more! River Point-of-Sale - your complete financial portal result on your fingertips!
River Jackpot
River Jackpot system is an ingame promotional tool where all participating customers are collected to a wide area progressive jackpot linked to a one or multiple River Redemption Kiosks.
Games Library
Our free promotional games are engineered for optimal performance across all mobile devices delivering more than 100 unique themes in HD graphics.

Key features

Absolutely NO investment required
Go live time 24 hours
No tech support - no Windows support, no system crashes, no players browsing on the internet, no hardware replacements
Mobile Point-of-Sale
Full remote access to the games and player data
Free marketing tools - send promotional text messages from the POS!
Instant purchases and redeems
100+ FullHD free games promotion library
Participate at your convenience
4 simple steps to get started

Ideal For

Smoke Store
Gas Station
Liquor Store