Goals to be achieved with RiverSweeps

With RiverSweeps software you can offer your customers the access codes to play RiverSweeps games in your location. You can also offer your customers to install RiverSweeps app on their devices with Internet connection and sell them the access codes to play at home. It can significantly increase the interest of your customers resulting in their longer stay in your location, more frequent recurring visits and thus much bigger average check amount.

Please, note that RiverSweeps integration into your business doesn’t require any additional costs for expensive equipment. All you need is Internet access and any devices based on Android and Windows.

Check Amount Increase

For public catering establishments the average check amount can be increased by 27%-62%

Boost in Clients Loyality

Order waiting time passes unnoticed for playing clients

Occasional into Regular

With RiverSweeps You can easily convert occasional visitors into regular

Progressive Jackpots

Increase of number of orders and collective visits due to Jackpot system

Extra Earnings

RiverSweeps Play-At-Home Feature provides a standalone extra income

No Expensive Equipment

Your clients can play RiverSweeps games on any portable devices based on Android and Windows

River Sweepstakes Software – the best business café decision

Restyle your catering as profitable internet sweepstakes café!

You may provide a sweepstakes system without large recourses expenditure for equipment. And effect is near-term! The best variety of games and prompt customers support are what we propose. Contact us right now!

Beware of substandard soft: make decision in favor of River

The most qualitative games by leading vendors and accompanying bonus systems are exactly what you need. Mobile concept - it's convenient and modern. Providing is quite cheap, and profit grows appreciably.

Already available in various USA regions!

We provide Sweepstakes Software all over America, and all aspects of customer support carry out promptly.

If you are looking for a company that will provide you both installation of high-end Sweepstakes software and also offer an impeccable customer support, then you're in the right destination.

Our soft is called River Sweepstakes, and this name already has become a success factor for many caterings.

We have a long time being in industry of advanced Internet marketing tools, and among our developments there are cutting-edge solutions for the implementation and maintenance of sweepstakes.

Our set of games consists of 70+ best gambling solutions; soft is enthralling and easy in using, and also updatable, connected with bonus politics. The interest of visitors is constantly maintained, and the owners profit is just growing.

Thus, if customers have a standing interest in sweepstakes games provided by your catering or internet café, they come not occasionally, but mostly regularly and use your direct services actively. And process of rising your business profitability will run as smoothly as possible because of River Sweepstakes Software promptly provision.


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Technical requirements for integration

Internet Connection

Internet connection (Wi-Fi access point). Works even with low speed GPRS internet connection

Low system requirements

No need to purchase expensive computers - Riversweeps games run on any Android or Windows device

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